In at the deep end with Gary Bridgeman #7 - Jacquelyn Guderley


On the podcast, I talk to Jacquelyn Guderley. Jacquelyn is a social entrepreneur, advocate for gender equality and mental health.

Jacquelyn is someone who I have admired for a long time and who I was lucky enough to coach. In 2013 she co-founded Stemettes, an award-winning social enterprise that inspires girls aged 5-22 to pursue careers in Science, Tech, Engineering & Maths (STEM) by running high impact, fun, tech-filled events. To date, Stemettes have worked with almost 40k girls around the globe.

In 2016 she stood as a political candidate for the Women's Equality Party for the General London Assembly, believing that the current political climate wasn't taking the systemic disadvantages that women face in society seriously enough.

In 2017 she launched "Salomé", a literary magazine for emerging female writers, to address the gender imbalance in publishing and to give amateur female writers the platform, confidence and experience to get their writing published.

She is also someone who has episodic depression and has been depressed five times in six years and in these periods finds her self withdrawing from the world only to awaken again with renewed passion for life.

Her recent endeavours have been to launch MNTL HLTH to help break the silence on mental health creating events and activities to raise awareness in the mental health space.

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