In at the deep end with Gary Bridgeman #11 - Jason Shiers


On the podcast, I talk to Jason Shiers.

Wow, what a conversation!

I instantly connected with Jason over similar backgrounds of feeling lost, not good enough and using drugs to solve our internal feelings. We also shared the experience of losing our fathers as young boys.

Jason struggled with himself for his whole life. He grew up overweight, miserable and lonely.

The loss of his father at a very young age shaped his life more than he could ever know. While it is still sad, he is incredibly grateful for that experience, because it has made him the man that he is and a much better parent than he could have ever imagined being.

He spent a lot of his life in despair, thinking things had gotten a little better but only then getting worse.

After 10 years of therapy as a client and practising therapist, he felt like nothing would work.

Coming across the principles and the work of Micheal Neill led to a profound shift in his internal experience and understanding of how life really works.

There were so many parallels between my life and Jason I came away from our conversation feeling inspired and motivated about my own journey with the principles.

You can connect with Jason:

On his website and do listen to his inspirational podcast ‘misunderstandings of the mind’ .

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