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Most people don't ask themselves this one question, will you?

Have you really thought about the big question in life?

"What do you hope to achieve and what kind of person do you want to be?"

Have you really stopped to think about the bigger picture, where your life is going, and what you are searching for?

People who spend time answering these questions with clarity and depth come to find that the only thing that gets in their way is themselves.

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Seeing the bigger picture

A Netflix series that I am addicted to right now is Limitless.

In Limitless an FBI consultant Brian Finch takes a smart drug called NTZ that enables him to make connections at a more significant level than everyone else.

Brian can then see the bigger picture of the unseen forces that are trying to shape the reality of the show's characters.

While on NTZ Brian can connect information as large as geopolitical motivations, to weather, to individual actions so that he can predict the nemesis's next move.

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