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Seven ways to create a mindful lifestyle

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be complicated or hard.

Mindfulness is merely coming into the present moment in a way that is curious, conscious and flexible.

There is no trick, no unique technique, no perfect meditation that will get you there.

There is no mystery about being aware of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

You can be aware right now.

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Reflecting On 365 Days Of Meditation And Mindfulness

Last week I passed the milestone of 365 days of daily meditation practice.

For the past year, I’ve meditated at least once a day although the duration has varied I’ve always tried to live my days mindfully.

I started meditating when I enrolled in an organised group mindfulness course. The original intention was that I wanted to improve my skills when it came to coaching and being present for my clients.

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How To Journal To Become More Mindful

One of the best ways to grow your mindfulness skills is by keeping a daily journal.

The simple fact of writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you put some distance from what your mind is telling you.

It works a lot like coaching by reflecting back to you what you are thinking, feeling and doing. And the benefit is that unlike coaching writing a journal is free and you don’t need any fancy apps just pen, paper and time.

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Five Ways To Overcome Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner version of ourselves that sometimes drives us to achieve things that we are proud of and other times it holds us back from achieving things that we value. It can at its worst drive us to be self-destructive and be harmful to ourselves and others.

This critical voice forms from our experiences in life, hurtful and unpleasant experiences cause negative emotions and negative thoughts. Many of these experiences are formed when we are young, but any particular stressful or harmful situation can cause us to make negative associations.

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