Being in the present moment

Be here now.

One of the components of making transformational shifts is being in the present moment.

A lot has been said and written about being more mindful and aware.

That you need to meditate every day and being in the present moment becomes yet another doing method.

Another pill we take for our anxiety.

Being in the present moment becomes easier when you realise that you are the present moment.

That you are not separate from reality.

The present moment isn't something you can find it is something that you are.

You can't find, make or have time since you are time.

You are always in the present moment from this perspective.

The only way you take yourself away from the present moment is by thinking yourself away from it.

When you see that the past and the future are made out of thought and not real.

You can drop that thinking and rest in the peace of no thought.

Inner peace can't be found inner peace is who you are.

Look within and see your inner peace in the space beyond thought.